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Song of Lament and Praise July 22, 2008

Posted by Jesse in Psalms/Hymns/Poems.

oh LORD, why You persist with a servant such as i, i will never understand
my sin creeps at my doorstep, ever persistent in letting itself in
why do I not seek You? why can I not listen to You?
this apathy for Your Word can not stay.

i Love You God, hear my prayer
come to me and discipline Your servant so that I can better serve Your kingdom
for my transgressions, dozens could be lost
for my slothfulness, many will not truly understand You
a shameful thing, when a man stops seeking his God

yet You still persist, you still hold me in Your Hand
and for that i am thankful
thank you LORD! GREAT is Thy Faithfulness!
how You restore me, give me life, what other God can do this?
there is none! You are the unchangeable God!
the Alpha and the Omega, the God i have come to love and serve

because He has not given up on me
neither shall i in Him



1. pgowesky - July 23, 2008

I’m loving it! Keep up the blogging! God has not given up on you and He never will! Keep rockin…

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