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The Sixth August 9, 2008

Posted by Jesse in The Journal.

WHOA WHOA WHOA! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in over a week! What’s up with that?! At any rate, just wanted to catch up with you two people who read and to put some more thoughts up on the board. The past week has been kid of hectic. Finished my last week of work, last Encounter mid week (a bible study if you will), and am about to head out to OC NJ for the week. Pretty stoked about it since I’ll be visiting some friends and catching up with my family. God is good cause he certainly has paved the way for me and my friends to stay in touch and love one another.

After my week at the shore it’s straight off to Friends Camp ’08 in Camp Condrad (somewhere in the mountains). I have many a fond memory there. Tom, my youth pastor growing up in Junior High, always had something up his sleeve to really, REALLY hit us kids hard. Not the kind of hard like “I’m struggling with this sin” or something with petty boy-girl relations. I mean this guy has us scared out of our minds because of the other worldly forces he had in mind to enact. He really had us going with his exorcism stories and challenged to really think about the forces of Satan and demons. I remember that he would have set up a walk through pitch black woods, setting up leaders to spook us, and literally playing with the envrionment to his imagination. And always at the very end he had us walk about 100 yards through the darkest part of the woods, by ourselves. To me I wanted to brave because I had faith in my God, a childlike faith, and I always thought of it as an opportune time to talk with God.

Yet I never got that chance. It wasn’t because I was scared. It was because others wanted me to walk with them. You had a choice of a partner if you were too scarred to go. And every year was a year somebody needed help. Trust me, I remember who you are, don’t cop out if I ever bring it up. Anyway I guess I never really understood why they chose me or trusted me. Not trying to toot my horn here, but perhaps it is some sort of leadership quality God has granted me. I’ll probably never fully understand, but it is a great privilege to lead and serve kids like that.

What memories of camp do you guys have? Anything spooky, funny, weird, awkward? Was there one in particular that God pretty much threw a Mack truck in your face to see?



1. anthonyform817 - August 11, 2008

This is going to be my first time at Conrad, so I hope I’ll make some good first memories there.

Glad to hear from you again, Jesse!

2. pgowesky - August 11, 2008

I read the blog as daily as you publish it, so chalk it up to three people Jesse! Enjoy your week at the beach! See you on Saturday…

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