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The Seventh/School in two weeks… August 13, 2008

Posted by Jesse in Randomness, The Journal.

Well, here I am at Ocean City New Jersey, and all that is on my mind is school. I have to admit my thoughts have been raptured in the thought of going back to school. Seeing old friends, getting acquainted with new friends, and dare I say it? Thoroughly enjoying school work. I feel pretty much like a loser missing school because I miss classes, but what can I say? Maybe I’m wired to be a little bit of a Bible geek. Okay maybe A LOT of bit of a Bible geek. I miss G Money Shnitjdaddy’s class and I am looking forward to studying in OT with him. I miss the Legend, AKA Matt McAlack, pretty much awesomeness wrapped in human form. I look forward to wooing a few new professors I’ll be having and causing as much discomfort and provocative remarks/discussions in class as possible. All in all I think I will be a good time. Not only that I think God is going to crash everything in my face, setting before me new trials and undertakings that I probably never thought I’d come across. You know, the kind that make you wish you were dead, dying, or simply somewhere else at any given moment. I’m looking forward to that as well. Basically I pray and hope that my wisdom in God exponentially increases and my wisdom of the world exponentially decreases. Broken and contrite, that’s where I’m hoping to be.

What about you? Ever felt so excited about something that at times you hope it goes horrifically wrong for the better?



1. anthonyform817 - August 13, 2008

My school football team went 8-0 last year, and we destroyed everyone. No close games, no challenges basically. I love football and I’m so excited about it. I’m sorta hoping that things go bad in a game (like we’re down 2 touchdowns going into the 2nd half) so we can finally get some challenges and really show how good of a team we are. I don’t want things to go so bad that we actually lose a game, but yea, i guess i kinda want things to go “wrong” so we can make them right and show our team’s potential (if that made any sense at all).

2. Christian - August 23, 2008

I have to say that I wish I felt like you did about going back to school but I dont at all. I really, really hate school. Im starting to feel sad about going back even though I had an amazing summer. For me its just like evry day is a heapload of trouble. And even worse Im so disorganized. Please pray for me that I wont struggle and maybe (if its even possible) to enjoy it.

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