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The Eighth August 22, 2008

Posted by Jesse in The Journal.

PHEW! WHAT A RIDONK COUPLE OF WEEKS IT HAS BEEN! It’s been a while since I could write to me viewing public. From Ocean City to Conrad and then Conrad back home, it has been a long week. Let me fill you in on some pretty amazing things that God has been doing at Jr. High Camp. In two words it was pretty much FREAKING AMAZING! In two words I feel FREAKING TIRED! I took nice coma when I got back, but that’s just a little tangent. God worked in truly amazing ways, our kids grew pretty well over the week. It’s always awesome to see kids open up about what they’re going through, I guess its refreshing because it reminds you that they know you love them and that they trust you with what they have to say. Junior Highers are a lot easier to talk to as well. They can be pretty real about things, even when they’re spiritual journey is just beginning.

Our kids really stepped up to the plate. There were some very disappointing aspects to the week, however our kids took it upon themselves to see what God wants them to think, do, act, or serve. I felt our leaders did a great job of emphasizing that growth takes place internally, that you have to allow it to happen. If the speaker stinks, the music is bad, or whatever, what can you do to have God work in your heart?

God continues to remind me that He has a purpose for me, that He wants to use me. This summer has been a testament about how much our Youth Group has changed. I’m so excited about this upcoming year. I think God will do some pretty awesome things. There is a little hurt in our group, like the real kind, things you can seriously cry over because these kids shouldn’t have to go through them. I pray and pray and pray that there will be some serious spiritual growth and discipline this year. Please pray for our group, there are some real kids here with real pain. I hope for an awesome year in service to them.



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