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The Tenth/Done my first week August 31, 2008

Posted by Jesse in Randomness, The Journal.
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Here I am sitting in my comfortable dorm room, having just waken up on a Saturday afternoon after my first week of classes. It has been an intriguing week to say the least. Some of my professors are just flat out awesome. And others… well, not so much. I plan on being involved in my classes, open with discussions, and prepared for anything that the profs throw my way. But not because I wish to be a good steward or student. In all honesty I just like to talk in class and have an atmosphere where I can make people laugh. Perhaps I am a bit quirky and a bit of a problem child, but hey, I have other issues to begin with.

Well with all this week has been, I better get started on my reading. I pretty much have to read several chapters of about five different books and read at least two books of the Bible every week. So it’s a lot. I look forward to it though, the geek in me likes the challenge.

Yet the thing I’m most looking forward to is being with my friends. God rox my sox and my shoes with all the blessings of relationships He has given me this past week. You all are probably pretty sick of hearing about how excited I am about my relationships. Oh well. I’ve probably said this in a past blog but being a friend is going to be my primary goal this year. I don’t want to pour out my menial problems on those who are actually suffering. But what about you? What are things that you want to with your friends? Or what goals do you have in mind with your relationships this year?



1. tgowesky - September 3, 2008

I want my relationships to move to a deeper level. I want to be able to be known by a few people. You know, like the kind where you can cry with them, and it’s still all good afterward. That’s what I want…

2. Peter - September 3, 2008

I want my relationships to get deeper. I mean, I want my relationships to be such that I can bare my soul to my friends, and it still be okay after they see my flaws.

3. Matt - September 3, 2008

I want my relationships to become stronger and more open. I want my friends to see through masks that I may be wearing. I want to be asked by my friends “how are you doing?” and give an honest answer.

4. jfreakm71 - September 4, 2008

I want to let go

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