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Learning September 22, 2008

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We all learn. We all like to learn things that interest us. And sometimes we learn things that discomfort us. Personally, I love it when teachers and professors have you learn things yourselves. It’s a pretty awesome experience when you get things to click together in your head and being able to say that favorite saying, “EUREKA!” At times though we have to learn things the hard way, especially in relationships. For instance, I used to date this girl in college. One night before I dropped her off at her dorm, I had accidentally called her by her roommates name. BIG MISTAKE. Sometimes my mouth goes before my mind, I really have to learn to control that. I learned the hard way that sometimes people, women in particular, don’t really blow things over as well as I do.

Sometimes learning can be easy, especially when someone is supervising or teaching is over you. My Bible professor in my Old Testament class really challenges our thinking about evangelical presuppositions or what we take for assumed knowledge. In one class he had our heads spinning about wether or not the Davidic covenant is conditional or unconditional and wether or not it has been fulfilled. My head is still trying to wrap around the discussion.

And then there are times when we learn things about ourselves. When we start to analyze ourselves and what we have done in the past, we find out what our tendencies are, how we act in front of others, and how we act in times of distress. We all can say what we believe in, however, how many of us actually apply what we believe in with our daily lives. The past couple of weeks and the summer have been a time for me to learn some things about myself. Just yesterday I was involved in a pretty bad car accident (I’m ok so don’t comment about how I am doing). I guess you could say I recieved a crash course in handling car accidents. God is good, He definitely helped me to step up as a man or a leader and handle the situation as best as I could have. I do have to be honest, I was shaking in my shoes the whole day.

Learning is something that we really do everyday. So what are things you have learned recently? What have you learned about yourself? Do you like what you have learned?


Gestalt and Ministry September 15, 2008

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If you have ever taken Dr. Drummond’s class at PBU/PCB, this is for you. Gestalt.

At any rate, let’s talk about what ministry means. Recently I wrote a paper for a Youth class I have, the paper being, “What is the definition Ministry?” People often think about ministry as something that real spiritual people do, like preaching behind the pulpit or leading Bible studies. But ministry or having a ministry position is a much, much, much lowlier position. Ministry litteraly means service or to serve. In class we discussed how its like waiting on tables, simply serving and cleaning up after people. In Acts 6, the early church were forgetting some people and their needs because the congregation had grown to such a large size. They then specificaly assigned men to the “ministry of service” to the orphans and widows. All these men simply did was wait upon the people, loving them and caring for them in anyway possible.

You can say this changes my thought on ministry. All to often I think of myself in an awesome youth group with kids that literally eating off my palm of what I am saying and calling that ministry. Now preaching the Word of God is ministry, however it is a very small part of it. Ministry means to hold the door open for a stranger. Ministry means putting my dishes away in the dishwasher AND cleaning up the house without my mom asking me to. Ministry means to let someone else have the last cookie or offering to get people drinks.

What does ministry mean to you?

19 and still kicking September 8, 2008

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So today is my 19th birthday. It’s pretty impressive that I have lived this long and am still standing on two feet… and others around me are still standing… Anyway, I’m pretty “happy” with what God has lead me through these past few months, and past few years even. Looking back, it’s weird to think about the guy I used to be, or the man I used to be (pretty lofty of me to declare myself a man). I like the fact that God has changed me, changed my thinking and where my heart should be. I can’t imagine what it will be like when I’m Peter’s age and thinking about the past… or my father’s age… gllllllll. It’s comforting to know though that God doesn’t love a future part of me, or a past part, He loves me no matter what kind of situation I’m in. I’m sure next year I’ll look back on say, “Man that guy was an idiot!”, but God still had use for me and still used me for something. I look back even recently and am evaluating how I can better serve those around me, and love those around me. God is truly Good.

What about you? Is it comforting to know that God will love you in your highs and lows, not for what you’ve done or what you’ve yet to do?

Where am I? September 5, 2008

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Where am I? From where have I come? Have I changed? Am I different? Have I allowed Him to change me? Or have I shut Him down in my heart? I’m still here. I’ve changed. God has molded me even with my best efforts not to allow Him. I pray that I can meditate. I pray that I can sit and be still. I yearn to know Him deeply, intimitaley, passionately… Why do I ask if He has forsaken me? He has not. My emotions cloud me, my judgment, my eyes and ears. At times they blind me and at times they awaken me. My heart is deceptive. I wish to say that I am all right, that I’m getting better. But I know this is not the case. I pray for a release of myself, that I no longer hold myself back, that God unleashes His servant and that God breaks His servant. I’m ok with brokeness, ok with a loss. Because I love my God, I need nothing but my Savior to comfort me. Set your heart upon God.