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Where am I? September 5, 2008

Posted by Jesse in Psalms/Hymns/Poems, Randomness.

Where am I? From where have I come? Have I changed? Am I different? Have I allowed Him to change me? Or have I shut Him down in my heart? I’m still here. I’ve changed. God has molded me even with my best efforts not to allow Him. I pray that I can meditate. I pray that I can sit and be still. I yearn to know Him deeply, intimitaley, passionately… Why do I ask if He has forsaken me? He has not. My emotions cloud me, my judgment, my eyes and ears. At times they blind me and at times they awaken me. My heart is deceptive. I wish to say that I am all right, that I’m getting better. But I know this is not the case. I pray for a release of myself, that I no longer hold myself back, that God unleashes His servant and that God breaks His servant. I’m ok with brokeness, ok with a loss. Because I love my God, I need nothing but my Savior to comfort me. Set your heart upon God.



1. jfreakm71 - September 7, 2008


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