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Gestalt and Ministry September 15, 2008

Posted by Jesse in Randomness, The Journal.
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If you have ever taken Dr. Drummond’s class at PBU/PCB, this is for you. Gestalt.

At any rate, let’s talk about what ministry means. Recently I wrote a paper for a Youth class I have, the paper being, “What is the definition Ministry?” People often think about ministry as something that real spiritual people do, like preaching behind the pulpit or leading Bible studies. But ministry or having a ministry position is a much, much, much lowlier position. Ministry litteraly means service or to serve. In class we discussed how its like waiting on tables, simply serving and cleaning up after people. In Acts 6, the early church were forgetting some people and their needs because the congregation had grown to such a large size. They then specificaly assigned men to the “ministry of service” to the orphans and widows. All these men simply did was wait upon the people, loving them and caring for them in anyway possible.

You can say this changes my thought on ministry. All to often I think of myself in an awesome youth group with kids that literally eating off my palm of what I am saying and calling that ministry. Now preaching the Word of God is ministry, however it is a very small part of it. Ministry means to hold the door open for a stranger. Ministry means putting my dishes away in the dishwasher AND cleaning up the house without my mom asking me to. Ministry means to let someone else have the last cookie or offering to get people drinks.

What does ministry mean to you?



1. jfreakm71 - September 19, 2008

As cliche as it is, it couldn’t be more true… Preach the Gospel at all times, and sometimes use words. A phrase to live by.

P.S. I’m gonna show mom this one. She’ll ride you on it man 😛

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