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Learning to Teach February 16, 2009

Posted by Jesse in Biblical/Theological Thoughts, The Journal.
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So today I gave my first official lesson at the Senior High youth group I help with, otherwise known as the Refinery. Well, technically it was my second time teaching, but this was the first “official” time where I knew  weeks ahead of time and had the ability to prepare. I felt like prepared well, and God certainly inspired me of ways to get my point. But, like everyone who teaches their first time in front of a crowd of people, I got jittery and started to sound like I was speaking in tongues because I was going so fast. The first half went by rather quickly, then I had a ten second pause trying to collect my thoughts (which was rather embarassing), but then as I continued on my second half, it went by rather well. I made the points God intended and I do think we’ll be implementing them in our youth group. (I spoke on Luke 10:25-37 by the way, good passage on who is it that we are to serve). As I’m reflecting on what I had taught this night, I’m beginning to realize that I really didn’t implement my own message. I mean, who is Jesse’s neighbor right now that he needs to serve? Who needs the loving? Maybe if I actually implemented my own message I’d be a better teacher. Makes sense right? Hmmm….



1. Matt - February 16, 2009

Hey Jesse you really did do a good job and just cause you went fast doesn’t mean the message didn’t get to them. They heard you and while some were more concerned about the fact that we are playing freeball in two weeks than the fact that it will actually include more people they still heard you. Thank you for the things you do for the Refinery and Ignite you have grown so much in such a short time and I hope that one day I will be as knowledgeable about the Bible as you are. And that wasn’t to boost your ego or to kiss up 😉

2. Tiffany - March 22, 2009

jesse i am so proud of you….i hear your teaching has been great! thanks for your servants heart!

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