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Teaching October 1, 2008

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Ever thought about how much what we do, what we say, and how we act affects those that watch us? In one sense we are constantly teaching those around us. We teach them about ourselves, we teach them about others, we teach them about our worldview, and sometimes we teach them how they should act. I think we often forget how much our own lives affect others. We forget that there are people who actually look to us for acceptance, or for advice, or even for a way of living.

Teaching is done everyday. It is done when we speak, when we react, and sometimes when we think. Every action we do will teach someone. So what are the implications of this? Do we really ever think about how much we affect others? How are we to go about our daily lives in a manner that reflects Biblical principles? Deuteronomy 6:6-7 tells us that, “These commandments which I am commanding you, you shall keep on your heart, you shall teach them diligently to our children. You shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.” If we live a life of consitency, where God’s commandments are reflected in our everyday life, we can teach those whom we love what it means to love God. To me this is one of the most important aspects of Godly living, being able to see God reflected in us. But how can we teach this?

We can teach this in how we speak, for instance we can offer encouragment instead of a sarcastic comment. We can choose to have other people have the last slice of pizza instead of ourselves. We can calm ourselves down when we drive when we drift to road rage. What are ways you can teach people?


Learning September 22, 2008

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We all learn. We all like to learn things that interest us. And sometimes we learn things that discomfort us. Personally, I love it when teachers and professors have you learn things yourselves. It’s a pretty awesome experience when you get things to click together in your head and being able to say that favorite saying, “EUREKA!” At times though we have to learn things the hard way, especially in relationships. For instance, I used to date this girl in college. One night before I dropped her off at her dorm, I had accidentally called her by her roommates name. BIG MISTAKE. Sometimes my mouth goes before my mind, I really have to learn to control that. I learned the hard way that sometimes people, women in particular, don’t really blow things over as well as I do.

Sometimes learning can be easy, especially when someone is supervising or teaching is over you. My Bible professor in my Old Testament class really challenges our thinking about evangelical presuppositions or what we take for assumed knowledge. In one class he had our heads spinning about wether or not the Davidic covenant is conditional or unconditional and wether or not it has been fulfilled. My head is still trying to wrap around the discussion.

And then there are times when we learn things about ourselves. When we start to analyze ourselves and what we have done in the past, we find out what our tendencies are, how we act in front of others, and how we act in times of distress. We all can say what we believe in, however, how many of us actually apply what we believe in with our daily lives. The past couple of weeks and the summer have been a time for me to learn some things about myself. Just yesterday I was involved in a pretty bad car accident (I’m ok so don’t comment about how I am doing). I guess you could say I recieved a crash course in handling car accidents. God is good, He definitely helped me to step up as a man or a leader and handle the situation as best as I could have. I do have to be honest, I was shaking in my shoes the whole day.

Learning is something that we really do everyday. So what are things you have learned recently? What have you learned about yourself? Do you like what you have learned?

Gestalt and Ministry September 15, 2008

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If you have ever taken Dr. Drummond’s class at PBU/PCB, this is for you. Gestalt.

At any rate, let’s talk about what ministry means. Recently I wrote a paper for a Youth class I have, the paper being, “What is the definition Ministry?” People often think about ministry as something that real spiritual people do, like preaching behind the pulpit or leading Bible studies. But ministry or having a ministry position is a much, much, much lowlier position. Ministry litteraly means service or to serve. In class we discussed how its like waiting on tables, simply serving and cleaning up after people. In Acts 6, the early church were forgetting some people and their needs because the congregation had grown to such a large size. They then specificaly assigned men to the “ministry of service” to the orphans and widows. All these men simply did was wait upon the people, loving them and caring for them in anyway possible.

You can say this changes my thought on ministry. All to often I think of myself in an awesome youth group with kids that literally eating off my palm of what I am saying and calling that ministry. Now preaching the Word of God is ministry, however it is a very small part of it. Ministry means to hold the door open for a stranger. Ministry means putting my dishes away in the dishwasher AND cleaning up the house without my mom asking me to. Ministry means to let someone else have the last cookie or offering to get people drinks.

What does ministry mean to you?

19 and still kicking September 8, 2008

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So today is my 19th birthday. It’s pretty impressive that I have lived this long and am still standing on two feet… and others around me are still standing… Anyway, I’m pretty “happy” with what God has lead me through these past few months, and past few years even. Looking back, it’s weird to think about the guy I used to be, or the man I used to be (pretty lofty of me to declare myself a man). I like the fact that God has changed me, changed my thinking and where my heart should be. I can’t imagine what it will be like when I’m Peter’s age and thinking about the past… or my father’s age… gllllllll. It’s comforting to know though that God doesn’t love a future part of me, or a past part, He loves me no matter what kind of situation I’m in. I’m sure next year I’ll look back on say, “Man that guy was an idiot!”, but God still had use for me and still used me for something. I look back even recently and am evaluating how I can better serve those around me, and love those around me. God is truly Good.

What about you? Is it comforting to know that God will love you in your highs and lows, not for what you’ve done or what you’ve yet to do?

Where am I? September 5, 2008

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Where am I? From where have I come? Have I changed? Am I different? Have I allowed Him to change me? Or have I shut Him down in my heart? I’m still here. I’ve changed. God has molded me even with my best efforts not to allow Him. I pray that I can meditate. I pray that I can sit and be still. I yearn to know Him deeply, intimitaley, passionately… Why do I ask if He has forsaken me? He has not. My emotions cloud me, my judgment, my eyes and ears. At times they blind me and at times they awaken me. My heart is deceptive. I wish to say that I am all right, that I’m getting better. But I know this is not the case. I pray for a release of myself, that I no longer hold myself back, that God unleashes His servant and that God breaks His servant. I’m ok with brokeness, ok with a loss. Because I love my God, I need nothing but my Savior to comfort me. Set your heart upon God.

The Tenth/Done my first week August 31, 2008

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Here I am sitting in my comfortable dorm room, having just waken up on a Saturday afternoon after my first week of classes. It has been an intriguing week to say the least. Some of my professors are just flat out awesome. And others… well, not so much. I plan on being involved in my classes, open with discussions, and prepared for anything that the profs throw my way. But not because I wish to be a good steward or student. In all honesty I just like to talk in class and have an atmosphere where I can make people laugh. Perhaps I am a bit quirky and a bit of a problem child, but hey, I have other issues to begin with.

Well with all this week has been, I better get started on my reading. I pretty much have to read several chapters of about five different books and read at least two books of the Bible every week. So it’s a lot. I look forward to it though, the geek in me likes the challenge.

Yet the thing I’m most looking forward to is being with my friends. God rox my sox and my shoes with all the blessings of relationships He has given me this past week. You all are probably pretty sick of hearing about how excited I am about my relationships. Oh well. I’ve probably said this in a past blog but being a friend is going to be my primary goal this year. I don’t want to pour out my menial problems on those who are actually suffering. But what about you? What are things that you want to with your friends? Or what goals do you have in mind with your relationships this year?

Another Year August 25, 2008

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Another Year

Another Year of Learning
Another Year of Teaching
Another Year of Laughing
Another Year of Crying
Another Year of Loving
Another Year of Hating
Another Year of Excitement
Another Year of Disappointment
Another Year of Joy
Another Year of Turmoil

Another Year of Trials
Another Year of Success
Another Year of Failure
Another Year of Walks
Another Year of Edifying
Another Year of Brokenness
Another Year of Council
Another Year of Lifting
Another Year of Admonishing

Another Year of School

Another Year with God

The Ninth August 24, 2008

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Well, tomorrow I head back to school. Pack everything in my jeep, head on over to Langhorne, and unpack everything into my comfortable room in Heritage Hall. I have to be honest, I AM STOKED! I hope and pray that I can make the best of this year. Looking back to last year, I was definitely a selfish friend. I took advantage of many people and made myself to be somebody I’m not, somebody I don’t want to be. I wish to apologize to all those I have either hurt, took advantage of, or simply annoyed and I hope I get that chance too. I’m also looking forward to the new friendships I have made and hope to continue making relationships. This year I wish to make an effort to be a friend, rather than have friends. I thank God for all that He has blessed me with this summer, in terms of my relationships (and everything else really), that He has continued to give me INCREDIBLE friends even after I have screwed things up.

So as summer winds down, all I can really think about is going back. I’m itching just to get out of the house again, out on my own (sort of). I think it’s going to be a good year and a year with a lot of pain as well. I hope I’m there to see the spiritual growth of my friends and they’re there to see mine.

On a side note, I got my tattoo Thursday. It’s a Bible reference, Deuteronomy 6:6-7, look it up and read the verse following it. I have it on my left forearm.

What about the rest of you guys, excited for school/fall/work?

The Eighth August 22, 2008

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PHEW! WHAT A RIDONK COUPLE OF WEEKS IT HAS BEEN! It’s been a while since I could write to me viewing public. From Ocean City to Conrad and then Conrad back home, it has been a long week. Let me fill you in on some pretty amazing things that God has been doing at Jr. High Camp. In two words it was pretty much FREAKING AMAZING! In two words I feel FREAKING TIRED! I took nice coma when I got back, but that’s just a little tangent. God worked in truly amazing ways, our kids grew pretty well over the week. It’s always awesome to see kids open up about what they’re going through, I guess its refreshing because it reminds you that they know you love them and that they trust you with what they have to say. Junior Highers are a lot easier to talk to as well. They can be pretty real about things, even when they’re spiritual journey is just beginning.

Our kids really stepped up to the plate. There were some very disappointing aspects to the week, however our kids took it upon themselves to see what God wants them to think, do, act, or serve. I felt our leaders did a great job of emphasizing that growth takes place internally, that you have to allow it to happen. If the speaker stinks, the music is bad, or whatever, what can you do to have God work in your heart?

God continues to remind me that He has a purpose for me, that He wants to use me. This summer has been a testament about how much our Youth Group has changed. I’m so excited about this upcoming year. I think God will do some pretty awesome things. There is a little hurt in our group, like the real kind, things you can seriously cry over because these kids shouldn’t have to go through them. I pray and pray and pray that there will be some serious spiritual growth and discipline this year. Please pray for our group, there are some real kids here with real pain. I hope for an awesome year in service to them.

The Seventh/School in two weeks… August 13, 2008

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Well, here I am at Ocean City New Jersey, and all that is on my mind is school. I have to admit my thoughts have been raptured in the thought of going back to school. Seeing old friends, getting acquainted with new friends, and dare I say it? Thoroughly enjoying school work. I feel pretty much like a loser missing school because I miss classes, but what can I say? Maybe I’m wired to be a little bit of a Bible geek. Okay maybe A LOT of bit of a Bible geek. I miss G Money Shnitjdaddy’s class and I am looking forward to studying in OT with him. I miss the Legend, AKA Matt McAlack, pretty much awesomeness wrapped in human form. I look forward to wooing a few new professors I’ll be having and causing as much discomfort and provocative remarks/discussions in class as possible. All in all I think I will be a good time. Not only that I think God is going to crash everything in my face, setting before me new trials and undertakings that I probably never thought I’d come across. You know, the kind that make you wish you were dead, dying, or simply somewhere else at any given moment. I’m looking forward to that as well. Basically I pray and hope that my wisdom in God exponentially increases and my wisdom of the world exponentially decreases. Broken and contrite, that’s where I’m hoping to be.

What about you? Ever felt so excited about something that at times you hope it goes horrifically wrong for the better?