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Learning to Teach February 16, 2009

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So today I gave my first official lesson at the Senior High youth group I help with, otherwise known as the Refinery. Well, technically it was my second time teaching, but this was the first “official” time where I knew¬† weeks ahead of time and had the ability to prepare. I felt like prepared well, and God certainly inspired me of ways to get my point. But, like everyone who teaches their first time in front of a crowd of people, I got jittery and started to sound like I was speaking in tongues because I was going so fast. The first half went by rather quickly, then I had a ten second pause trying to collect my thoughts (which was rather embarassing), but then as I continued on my second half, it went by rather well. I made the points God intended and I do think we’ll be implementing them in our youth group. (I spoke on Luke 10:25-37 by the way, good passage on who is it that we are to serve). As I’m reflecting on what I had taught this night, I’m beginning to realize that I really didn’t implement my own message. I mean, who is Jesse’s neighbor right now that he needs to serve? Who needs the loving? Maybe if I actually implemented my own message I’d be a better teacher. Makes sense right? Hmmm….


Learning September 22, 2008

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We all learn. We all like to learn things that interest us. And sometimes we learn things that discomfort us. Personally, I love it when teachers and professors have you learn things yourselves. It’s a pretty awesome experience when you get things to click together in your head and being able to say that favorite saying, “EUREKA!” At times though we have to learn things the hard way, especially in relationships. For instance, I used to date this girl in college. One night before I dropped her off at her dorm, I had accidentally called her by her roommates name. BIG MISTAKE. Sometimes my mouth goes before my mind, I really have to learn to control that. I learned the hard way that sometimes people, women in particular, don’t really blow things over as well as I do.

Sometimes learning can be easy, especially when someone is supervising or teaching is over you. My Bible professor in my Old Testament class really challenges our thinking about evangelical presuppositions or what we take for assumed knowledge. In one class he had our heads spinning about wether or not the Davidic covenant is conditional or unconditional and wether or not it has been fulfilled. My head is still trying to wrap around the discussion.

And then there are times when we learn things about ourselves. When we start to analyze ourselves and what we have done in the past, we find out what our tendencies are, how we act in front of others, and how we act in times of distress. We all can say what we believe in, however, how many of us actually apply what we believe in with our daily lives. The past couple of weeks and the summer have been a time for me to learn some things about myself. Just yesterday I was involved in a pretty bad car accident (I’m ok so don’t comment about how I am doing). I guess you could say I recieved a crash course in handling car accidents. God is good, He definitely helped me to step up as a man or a leader and handle the situation as best as I could have. I do have to be honest, I was shaking in my shoes the whole day.

Learning is something that we really do everyday. So what are things you have learned recently? What have you learned about yourself? Do you like what you have learned?