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The Power of Prayer February 26, 2009

Posted by Jesse in Biblical/Theological Thoughts, The Journal.
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So there is this woman in my class who was previously diagnosed with cancer. The story as far as I know it is that she had had some kind of lung cancer and that it was removed. Well the other week she was supposed to go in for another scan to investigate what they may be another sign of cancer. So in my class she recieved a phone call (keep in mind I was not present during this class, I skipped and I was very upset that I did so) that she has to go to the doctors office, and that she should bring someone with her. So in class my professor got everybody to prayer over her and they did so, very emotional, tears everywhere. When I had heard the news I prayed for her as well. But I don’t think my faith was that strong, because really all I did was remember her in my prayers, that there would be healing and God would be glorified through what would happen. And boy was he glorified. Turns out, the doctor had the wrong scans, and Jessie, the woman, didn’t have any trace of cancer! She was completely fine! ISN’T THAT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! God totally took all of us in a 180 turn and took our misery into sounds of great JOY!!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT PRAISE HIS NAME FOR SOMETHING SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!