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Learning to Teach February 16, 2009

Posted by Jesse in Biblical/Theological Thoughts, The Journal.
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So today I gave my first official lesson at the Senior High youth group I help with, otherwise known as the Refinery. Well, technically it was my second time teaching, but this was the first “official” time where I knew¬† weeks ahead of time and had the ability to prepare. I felt like prepared well, and God certainly inspired me of ways to get my point. But, like everyone who teaches their first time in front of a crowd of people, I got jittery and started to sound like I was speaking in tongues because I was going so fast. The first half went by rather quickly, then I had a ten second pause trying to collect my thoughts (which was rather embarassing), but then as I continued on my second half, it went by rather well. I made the points God intended and I do think we’ll be implementing them in our youth group. (I spoke on Luke 10:25-37 by the way, good passage on who is it that we are to serve). As I’m reflecting on what I had taught this night, I’m beginning to realize that I really didn’t implement my own message. I mean, who is Jesse’s neighbor right now that he needs to serve? Who needs the loving? Maybe if I actually implemented my own message I’d be a better teacher. Makes sense right? Hmmm….


Teaching October 1, 2008

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Ever thought about how much what we do, what we say, and how we act affects those that watch us? In one sense we are constantly teaching those around us. We teach them about ourselves, we teach them about others, we teach them about our worldview, and sometimes we teach them how they should act. I think we often forget how much our own lives affect others. We forget that there are people who actually look to us for acceptance, or for advice, or even for a way of living.

Teaching is done everyday. It is done when we speak, when we react, and sometimes when we think. Every action we do will teach someone. So what are the implications of this? Do we really ever think about how much we affect others? How are we to go about our daily lives in a manner that reflects Biblical principles? Deuteronomy 6:6-7 tells us that, “These commandments which I am commanding you, you shall keep on your heart, you shall teach them diligently to our children. You shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.” If we live a life of consitency, where God’s commandments are reflected in our everyday life, we can teach those whom we love what it means to love God. To me this is one of the most important aspects of Godly living, being able to see God reflected in us. But how can we teach this?

We can teach this in how we speak, for instance we can offer encouragment instead of a sarcastic comment. We can choose to have other people have the last slice of pizza instead of ourselves. We can calm ourselves down when we drive when we drift to road rage. What are ways you can teach people?